Cory Dicus

Potosi, MO

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I am the head XC and Head Girls Track coach at North County High School in Bonne Terre, MO.

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8 months ago Class 4: Disparity Observation Between District 1 and 2
I'll sign for sure.
1 year ago District Entries (Track and Field 2020)
@chester1976 The reverse warm-up being banned is seriously bad news for inexperienced pole vault...
2 years ago Toughest District in Missouri Class 3
@wooldridgecg I have been saying this same thing for a long time. That would do the most to all...
2 years ago District Assignments
Pretty much each year in C3, District 1, I have kids who would get out in other districts, but be...
2 years ago Entry Times
The only time I do this is if I have a relay runner who has not run opens, and then I use a time ...
2 years ago I'm having trouble with entering an athlete on milesplit
@coachstove I had something similar happen and I had to go get their athlete number from trxc an...
2 years ago Knowing when to do 1st, 2nd, 3rd calls for meet....the struggle is real
I don't think there's necessarily a right answer to kind of have to go with where the fi...
2 years ago Track access
Our facilities are also all used by the community. The gyms, fields, track, all of it. I believ...
3 years ago 5 Classes in XC
Class 3 District 1 can be very tough for the mentality of many of the athletes, especially in reg...
3 years ago Change Needed: Moving the 3200 for the State Series
It would be a slightly different circumstance in some states, because our main problem is being u...
6 years ago Best of luck this weekend.
Coach, Same to you and everyone else. See you Saturday.
7 years ago Coaching Advice (running JV)
I agree 100%. To use a football analogy...if they are truly in the next row of your depth chart,...
8 years ago 5 Classes for Track and Field
Does anyone know how the breaks will play out on this?
8 years ago North County Invitational 2013
You can go to for full results.
10 years ago Eligibility Roster
I had a kid want to come out today. We can get him ready to go for mid-season. Is it too late ...
11 years ago Eligable Meets
Is that including the state series? Thank you for your help.
11 years ago Eligable Meets
Hello, I don't have my rulebook handy, so I was wondering if someone could tell me how many ...
11 years ago Class 3 District 2 Pole Vault
Can someone provide us with an update on what went on/is going on with the vault in this district?
12 years ago Toughest District Event?
I think Class 3, District 1 is pretty tough in the pole vault and the high jump. In the Men'...
12 years ago Sikeston jumpers
Double Post
12 years ago Sikeston jumpers
Coach, A week or two ago, one of our coaches talked to one of their coaches, and he said they ...
13 years ago Pole Vault Camps
Does anyone know of any pole vault camps taking place this summer? I know Bell will have camps, ...