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2 months ago Crazy 8--Athlete Entries- Challenges of the system
@NHSCCTF Agreed, very frustrating. TRXC was significantly more accurate. I also don't remember ...
2 months ago Class Notifications/District Assignments
@chester1976 Yeah I don't get that one at all.
7 months ago Boys Class 4 and Class 5 Top 15 Comparison
@mcehlen I think the data you have on District 6 is incorrect.
1 year ago 2020 XC Meets
This was a pretty useful little link. Maybe someone can update it. [url=https://docs.google.com...
1 year ago Correction in 1A
@Hays 16 state medals is pretty impressive. Have any or how many times has this happened on the...
1 year ago Correction in 1A
@wcringa1 Question: Only 2 boys have won 16 state medals or only 2 boys have won 11 Golds? Just...
2 years ago podium photos
Can anyone tell me where to look if a parent wants to purchase one of the podium photos from Satu...
2 years ago District Assignments
@szoughaib I think two schools can coop for any sport provided one of them does not offer the spo...
2 years ago XC District and Class Assignments
@Hays[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROxvT8KKdFw] not approved for younger viewers[/url]
2 years ago Middle school race distance
@georgeyates Nixa will adjust our course to the new distance for our JH Invitational
2 years ago Track access
Our track at the HS is locked. We've had locks on the gates since it was built in 2000, but only...
4 years ago Jeff City turf field
I could be mistaken on this, but I believe it is because the turf was purchased by the JC Footbal...
4 years ago Some double district/sectionals some are not?
@seannunn I remember the 100 mile rule being in the TF manual not long ago, and the 1 time it aff...
5 years ago Districts and sectionals have been updated
@bantazmo Thanks. If you get the chance please add Carl Junction to the COC Large.
6 years ago Meet Directors - Information Wanted
@wcarunner What is Kern's email address?
7 years ago How many coaches do your Class 4/5 track programs have???
email me at lancebrumley@nixaschools.net
7 years ago sectional course difficulty?
as far as i can tell the Nixa record is 15:23 set by Rick Elliott of Kickapoo, now he shares it w...
7 years ago Irish Invit girls' JV
# 5 Is Perez from Nixa
7 years ago Rim Rock Platinum division for girls
Nixa has requested to be in the 5K race
7 years ago Classes and District Assignments
Coach Hays, thanks for the info regarding the district assignments. Like many coaches around the ...
7 years ago Anyone know of any middle school meets during that last week/weekend of September?
The Nixa meet on the 23rd is HS. The MS meet is Thurs the 25th.
7 years ago Jr High Hurdles
What will the spacing be on the 100m hurdles? 8m like USATF races or 8.5m like HS girls?
8 years ago Boys state qualifying team histories
Coach Hays, it looks like you may have the Nixa info on the Glendale line:-( that info would be c...
8 years ago Why Does Cross Country Roll Back their Meet schedule?
In 5 years are we going to start practice in July?
10 years ago Article Comment: Soldan on the Map
Shouldn't Taylor still have gotten his medal? He did qualify for the meet as an individual.