Ready to Jump on the Scene

Every so often you see a rising star that is head and shoulders above the rest. In sprints, they separate from the field with ease. In throws, they are feet further from the competition and you see the crew wide eyed with amazement. In long jump, they explode off the board and glide through the air. The 2015 Nebraska USATF Athlete of the Year might be another one of these gifted athletes.

Meet Kiana Estima. She has yet to compete in high school, but club coaches know the name all too well. As an 8th grader, Kiana out long jumped every returning jumper in the Nebraska state high school ranks but one. When I say the whole state of Nebraska, that includes every class from A through D2. Kiana jumped an astounding 18 feet 3 inches which was one of the top jumps in the nation for her age group. 

What is more astounding is that she just took up long jump in 7th grade. With high school track season approaching, the now Benson freshman will no doubt be a staple at the the Nebraska State Track Meet for years to come.

Kiana is also multi-sport athlete and a starter on Benson's basketball team as a true freshman. This means she keeps very busy and has not fully had the time to dedicate to track which is ever scarier.

Kiana will not only be a threat in the long jump. As an 8th grader, Kiana ran an impressive 13.04 100 meter, 26.63 200 meter, and a 1:00 400 meter.

Her Apollo coach sums it up with five simple words, "she is the real deal."